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Chai Tea Spice

Chai Tea Spice

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Arkadia Chai Tea Spiced 440g

Boldly fragrant and deliciously creamy, this chai tea is made with a black tea base and blended with a secret mix of aromatic spices.


Brew like the crew:

Chai Tea - 2-3 teaspoons of chai in a cup, add 180ml hot water, stir and enjoy

Chai Latte - 2-3 teaspoons of chai in a glass, add 180ml hot milk, stir and enjoy

Iced Chai - 5 teaspoons into a long glass, stir in 250ml cold milk and garnish with icecream

Chai Frappe - Fill a cup with ice and 150ml cold milk, add 3 teaspoons of chai and blend till smooth


Crafted and blended in Australia

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